Procedures for Indentification of Technologies Suitable for IP Pretection and Technology Transfer


· Consultations between researchers from the University interested in protecting their knowledge developed through research and creative work at the University of Novi Sad in form of intellectual property and IP Center experts about potential invention, procedures and possibilities of applying. If an idea is attractive and promising, the next step is to suggest the inventor to prepare detailed invention disclosure. IP Center representative and inventor are signing the document for confidentiality of invention which contains invention disclosure.

· Profitability evaluation - analysis of the technical trends and searching through international patent data bases, scientific and other professional literature. An evaluation of commercialization potential of potential invention.

· From the detailed invention disclosure and result of the profitability evaluation, experts from the IP Center will decide whether to further support patent idea or not. If the answer is yes, the following step is to sign a contract between IP Center and inventor which contains mutual right and obligation, in the other word:

  • IP Center takes over obligation to prepare patent application
  • IP Center recommends patent procedures - selection of countries, order, and dynamics.
  • IP Center takes over obligation to carry procedure of filing and managing procedures toward all international and national IP offices
  • Inventor will give professional assistance in process of preparation patent application
  • Inventor and IP Center will make their own arrangement regarding paying the expenses made during the period of preparation, applying, tracking and maintaining patent.
  • Inventor and IP Center make their own arrangement regarding rights in case of potential commercialization of patent

· In the case that IP Center experts estimate that idea is not promising enough to patent, the IP Center will issue a statement and inventor could continue his work on his own

· IP Center submits patent application, guides and tracks patent procedure

· On demand, IP Center is taking part in procedures for commercialization of patent